by David
(Harwinton Connecticut)

I always had wandering arc with my bench grinder sharpened tungsten's. So a number of years ago I got one of these little orange HTC baby's and first one out of the box made me much improved at welding the too thin to mig stuff I use tig for. Mostly steel. Maybe I was just exceptionally bad at doing it free hand on the bench grinder. It was a small one that I only used for tungsten's too.

It was money well spent for me, had it for years and have yet to replace the diamond wheel. Recently a friend of mine was in my garage saw it and brought up a bunch of tungsten's to sharpen and see how they came out. He liked it very much and picked one up. That made me feel good because he's very experienced (35+ yrs)in his own business and worked for Bechtel, BBC Brown Boveri, previous to that. He's welded everything from Nuke plants (Connecticut Yankee) to subs in New London CT.

The kind of guy that when ever something good happens he'll act all insulted at my being surprised and say,"what did you expect?, I used to go all over the world doing this"! Great guy. ha ha ha
Love you site!

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