Youtube turds and a really simple welding tip

by rickofudall
(Udall, KS, USA)

Jody, there will always be people on Youtube with nothing to contribute but venom.

You're right to ignore them. Keep up the good work.

I'm pretty much a self taught welder with my L-Tec Migmaster 250 and it's interesting to me that some of the things I've learned by making many BAD welds are some of the techniques you show.

Wish I'd known about you earlier, I'd have saved some wire and gas.
One thing I've learned is that there is no substitute for being able to see well. I change out lens covers often and use large single focus glasses from Dollar General under my helmet so anywhere I can see will be in focus. Not much of a tip, but it works for me.


Actually, that is an excellent tip that is often overlooked.

glad you took time to remind all of us.."if you cant see it, how you gonna weld it?"



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