3G Vertical Flux Core Welding Test - Vertical uphill Weld test

3g flux core welding test vertical uphill weld test

What can we learn from watching this welding video of a flux core welding test? You cant see the puddle or any special techniques.

But thats ok.

There are still a few things to learn. One thing is gun angle. Notice the tendency to tilt the gun back as he travels up the weld joint. He does a pretty good job buy he is definitely using more push angle at the end of the joint than he began with. The finished weld joint even shows a difference for the last few inches of weld.

I am not criticizing because the root pass looks pretty sound and if it is penetrated well in to the strap , it is easily good enough to finish the weld and make it look real good. I am just trying to notice things to discuss and learn from.

I like the way the backing strap extends past the weld joint and serves as a run off tab. And this welder makes sure to weld all the way from end to end and then some. that is a good habit. I have had a few students who just did not seem to want to weld all the way to the ends. I never could figure that out.

One other thing we can learn from this video is travel speed. It looks like a 8 inch long plate and by looking at the time on the bottom of the YouTube screen we can see that it took him roughly 1:20 to go 8 inches. so what is the travel speed in inches per minute? that would be 8 inches divided by 80 seconds = .10 X 60 seconds in a minute = 6 inches per minute travel speed.

Make sense? so the formula is ....distance welded in inches divided by time in seconds multiplied by 60 to convert to inches per minute.

It sounds like something you will never use but if you are in business for yourself and have a good idea of average travel speed for every welding process you do, it makes you more accurate in bidding jobs and keeps you from losing your ass by being too optimistic.

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