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2g 6010 Root 

A 2g 6010 root plate test is a practice plate to get you ready for pipe.

plate is cheaper and easier to prep and fit so it makes no sense to jump on pipe before being able to put a good root pass in a practice plate.

I visited Georgia Trade School recently and filmed a 2g open root 6010 plate with instructor Kyle Lockwood.

ga trade school phone info

Call the number or visit to learn more about classes 770-590-9353

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I have known the owners and several of the instructors for several years and having moved back to Ga recently, I thought a collaboration video on a basic student type video would help some students out there who might be struggling with 6010 roots.

Georgia trade school doesn't waste any time getting students using 6010 rods because they know thats one of the money maker rods.

Here are some key things to think about when doing any 2g 6010 root:

Bevel angle - the angle of the bevels depends on the industry and code. But generally speaking, the bevel angle for any open root joint will be between 30-40 degrees.

Its a good idea to practice using the same bevel angle as the test you might need to take.

Gap - a rule of thumb is that gap and land are the same. 

a common fitup is a 1/8" gap with 1/8" land

another common fitup is a 3/32" gap with 3/32" land.

both fitups work but sometimes require slightly different amperage settings.

Land - land width can vary depending on code, position, bevel angle, downhill vs uphill, etc. 

a good rule of thumb is to have the land and gap the same.

a 1/8" gap with a 1/8" land works

so does a 3/32" gap with a 3/32" land.

It helps if land is consistent.

if you get careless with a grinder, you can really screw up a land and make the joint more difficult than it needs to be.

There are certain techniques to learn with a grinder to make the land consistent but sometimes using a file works better for achieving an even land.

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2g plate fitup for 6010 root ga trade

Amperage for 2g 6010 root

2g 6010 root amps miller

85-90 amps usually works pretty well for a 1/8" 6010 2g root pass.

The good thing about that is that a 3/32" 7018 also runs well at that same amperage setting.

That comes in pretty handy when you are up on a scaffold and 200 feet from your welding machine.

Often times, you can weld an open root with a 1/8" 6010 rod and then switch to 3/32" 7018 for fill and cap and never need to change amps.

But remember...

All machines are slightly different so pay attention when you are making your tack welds so that you can make slight adjustments to amperage before you start welding the root pass.

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