3/32" 7018 Welding Rods 

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Why use 3/32" 7018 and not 1/8"?

Well, sometimes you need to make a quick weld that will take you longer to roll out your welding leads that it will to make the weld.

...and sometimes you are limited on the power available and need to weld off 115 volt power.

A 3/32" 7018 will usually run ok at 85-90 amps ...depending on the brand and the welding machine.

I plugged into 115volt power for this video just to show what can be done in a pinch when you only have 115 volt power available.

I set my machine on 87 amps because at 90 amps, I popped the breaker and at 87amps I could weld a full rod without popping it.

I visited my local welding supply recently because I needed to buy a couple of pounds of 3/32" 7018.

I really just needed about 2 lbs. But they only had 10 lb boxes.

They had Lincoln Excalibur and some off brand that I won't mention by name.

The excaliburs were almost $70 and the off brand were less than $30 so since I only needed a couple pounds, I opted for the cheaper rods.

Guess what?

I should have bought the Excaliburs.

Those off brand rods gave me so many problems.

Mainly arc starts.  The flux on the tip of a 7018 is supposed to expose just a  little bit of bare metal so that you can easily strike an arc.

The flux on these off brand rods completely covered the bare rod and I had to use a file on nearly every rod to be able to strike an arc without pecking the rod like a chicken.

I have a video coming soon on using those rods for a vertical uphill 7018 3/32" fillet weld.

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