How to TIG Weld Steel outside corner joints

tig finger

In this quick video, we show how to tig weld steel outside corner joints using 16 ga cold rolled steel. Also known as CRS.

In this weekly video, I am fabricating a small air box that will weld to the side of a cutting table so I can connect a Miller fume extractor snout to it to suck the fumes downward.

I wont get into the cutting table much today. Instead, just focusing on the welding.

Base Metal 1010-1020 cold rolled steel
Tungsten Electrode 3/32" 2% lanthanated
electrode stickout 3/8"
filler rod 1/16" er70s-2
amperage 55-65
shielding gas argon
cup size and flow rate 7 gas lens 15-20 cfh
postflow 10 sec

I framed up a 1 inch angle box to begin with to make it stiffer. This is really a job for a sheet metal brake but I figure a lot of folks out there dont have one and honestly, this was more fun than bending the metal to avoid weld joints.

An oustide corner joint is one of the easier joints to weld and very often, in sheet metal thickness, does not even need filler rod.

But for the sake of instruction and a better how to tig weld steel video, I used filler rod except for one small clip.

I used 1/16" diameter rod Er70s-2

I experimented with a little 309 stainless in one of the clips in the video...can you tell which one?

here's a hint...its the bead where I got too hot, and then tapered off on the very end leaving the rod in the puddle.

Outside corner joints are a quick way to make a box. Sometimes its much quicker than bending the metal on a sheet metal brake.
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