Hooking up a Primeweld TIG cooler

Learn more about the Primeweld tig cooler here along with water cooled torches and adapters needed

primeweld tig cooler

While I was filming some videos on settings for TIG welding aluminum, I thought it would be a good time to hook up the primeweld tig cooler.

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I like the simplicity of a #17 style air cooled tig torch.

A 17 style air cooled tig torch is simple and quiet and I use it a lot in my videos….partly because I know that is what most folks have.

That said, there have been times where I took on jobs where I needed to weld 50-100 parts at 200 amps.

When you are working for profit, you don't want to have to stop to let the torch cool off.

That’s when a TIG cooler is nice to have so that you don't waste time cooling off your tig torch.

A 17 style air cooled torch is rated for 150 amps.

You can definitely weld hotter than 150 for short periods but if you go too long, the torch gets too hot.

Another option is getting a 200 amp 26 style air cooled torch that has a thicker cable and beefier torch body.

But Since TIG coolers have become more affordable, it just makes sense for some folks to upgrade to a water cooled torch.

With a tig cooler and 20 style water cooled torch, you can weld all day long at 200-250 amps without stopping….even with a smaller torch.

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on a few Aluminum TIG videos showing some applications for AC frequency settings as well as explaining how to set AC balance using the Primeweld 225 tig welder and it seemed like a good time to hook up a TIG cooler.

Stay tuned for those videos on settings for TIG welding aluminum but for right now, I made a video showing a few tips for hooking up the Primeweld TIG cooler.

Here are a few points to think about when hooking up a primeweld tig cooler.

  1. dont use tap water. tap water is full of minerals that will shorten the life of the torch cables. use distilled water  along with a coolant designed for tig coolers  (I have used RV antifreeze before with no issues).
  2. make sure the output line from the tig cooler goes directly to the torch. Yes it will work either way but it will cool better if the coolant output line pumps coolant to the torch head first.
  3. The primeweld tig cooler has a warning sound and light for low coolant and it plugs directly into the back of a primeweld tig 225 but if you are using a primeweld cooler with another brand welder, an adapter comes with the primeweld tig cooler that allows for plugging into any standard 115volt outlet.

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