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AC balance settings explained in simple terms

AC balance is one of those settings that became available on some tig welding machines around the 1990 time frame.

I personally would not even buy a tig welder today without this setting.

But if you dont fully understand AC balance, you probably wont get the most out of your machine.

AC Frequency settings explained with practical applications


AC frequency is somewhat less important than AC balance but once you start experimenting with it, it really does help for certain applications.

I mostly use higher ac frequency settings 150hz and higher for thin aluminum and lower frequencies like 50hz for thicker aluminum.

100-120hz is a good all around setting

TIG welding aluminum with the primeweld TIG225x

Pulsing with the foot pedal with Brad Goodman


I tried to make these primeweld tig welder videos short and sweet without long introductions or loud annoying music.

I have a few more on my list and I will post them here when they are ready.

Here are some sample topics I am working on:

  • Pulse settings and applications
  • basic DC Quick settings for Steels
  • Basic AC quick settings for aluminum
  • Stick welding setup
  • how to use the torch switch for turntable welds
  • using high speed pulse 

The primeweld tig225x comes with a genuine CK worldwide 17 style air cooled torch with super flex cables....along with a really nice foot pedal.

When you order from you will also get a free basic stubby gas lens kit.

We have lots of kits that go great with primeweld tig welders and that will help you get the most out of your machine.

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