TIG Torch Kit

A TIG torch kit is a convenient way to have all the cups and hardware you might need for a variety of welding situations.

A Weldmonger® TIG pro kit is kind of a  "swiss army knife " with a setup for almost every situation.

Some tig welding machines come with a very basic Tig cup kit with a few pink ceramic cups along with basic hardware but there are so much better options available and so lets dive into that a bit.


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If you have a 17 style air cooled torch...

and you are still basic cups and hardware I strongly encourage that you invest in a Weldmonger® Stubby Gas Lens Kit.


Our weldmonger® stubby gas lens kit is the only one with high quality furick gas lenses that have a o ring groove that lets you use furick clear cups.

This is my recommendation for your first TIG torch kit because it lets you grow into other specialty cups.

You will notice an improvement in gas shielding right away...especially on welds where you need to use a longer tungsten stick out.

Not only does it make for a smaller profile torch, it just feels better in your hand and is much more maneuverable.

And good news too...we just upgraded our Weldmonger® stubby gas lens tig torch kit to include #4 thru #8 ceramic cups and a furick 3/32" gas lens with an o ring groove along with extra o rings.

Why an O ring groove with o rings?

Because that lets you use furick cups...either clear or ceramic, without needing to purchace an adapter kit ( saves you $24.99)

If you have a #9 air cooled, or #20 style water cooled torch...

and you are still using the basic cups and hardware, we have an upgraded tig torch kit for you too.

I suggest trying the Weldmonger® 9/20 gas lens kit as your first major upgrade for your 9 or 20 style tig torch.

We also just upgraded this kit to include #4-#8 ceramic cups and added o rings so that you can also try a furick clear cup like the #8 pro.

Next Level TIG torch kits

Taking your tig welding to the next level requires next level cups and hardware.

most of us learned to tig weld with basic cups but as you progress in your skills and move on to stainless, aluminum, 4130 chromoly, aluminum, titanium, etc.  ....

You need the right cup to get the best results.

And if you do job shop type work where one day you are welding stainless sanitary tubes, the next day aluminum dog feeders, the next day you find yourself tig welding a 4130 chassis for a trophy truck, then a customer brings in a cracked titanium exhaust,

...Then a tig torch kit like our Weldmonger® TIG pro kit will make life simpler for you.

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