6G Test Videos

You have reached the page with the most 6G test videos on the web...all with good arc shots showing tips to help you pass your 6G pipe test.

Good Luck Welder!

6G 6 inch 6010/7018

see the full article on this 6g test here

for full instructions on the 6010 root, see the video below

6G 6 inch 6010 root

3/32 land with 3/32 gap using 85 amps with a 1/8" 6010

see the full web page on this 6010 root here

2" Monster coupon 6G test tig Root

see full web page on the monster 6g tig root here

Monster coupon 7018 fill and cap

full monster coupon with tig root and 7018 fill

2" sched 80 6010 root 7018 cap

UA41 6g test with 309 root and hot

Passing a 6g test can open a lot of doors.

sometimes the one 6g test is the only test you take for a particular job but often times it leads to other certifications for the same job.

Lets say you hire in on a job by passing a 6g carbon steel pipe with 6010 root.

Then a few weeks later, they need you to certify on stainless pipe....or inconel small bore, or even flux core for some structural work.

That one 6g welding test can not only get you the job, but can lead to all kinds of free training and certifications.

Sometimes things work the other way around.

You might hire on by passing a structural plate test first and then be required to take a pipe test.

the point is, one test can lead to others...and the more certs you have, the better your resume and even better than that is the fact that you now have something that nobody can take away from you...

Skills, and knowledge.

A welder who can pass nearly any welding test will not be out of work for very long.

The very first welding test I ever took was a 2 inch schedule 80 6g pipe test with a 3/32" 6010 root and 3/32" 7018 fill and cap.

I only got as far as the hot pass when I blew a hole...game over.

But the next test I took was the same but with 309 tig root and 309 stainless stick fill and cap.

And I passed.

That job lasted about 9 months and that was the only test I needed for that job.

Next job require a 6 inch heavy wall tig root with 7018 fill and cap.

That job was a nuclear plant and while I was there, I got sent to the test job several time to take more tests and get more certs.

After that job, I worked on several others that were similar. 

One gate test to get the job...and then more tests and certs along the way.

So you could say, that first 6g welding test that I passed, opened a whole lot of doors for me

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