6g Welding Certification Tests-
Tips for Helping you PASS

2 inch sched 80 6010 3/32" root and 7018 3/32" cap


6 inch sched 80 6010 1/8" root 7018 1/8" fill and cap


The gatekeeper to that good paying welding job is often not a person...its a 6g welding certification test.

There are lots of different 6g tests that can be given because of all the different combinations of material types, thicknesses, and welding processes. 

This page has videos for common 6g pipe welding tests.

UA-10 2 inch schedule 80 6g welding certification test part 1


First is the UA-10 test.  Its a 2" schedule 80 carbon steel pipe.  ER70 tig root pass, and 7018 fill& cover pass.

the second test is the UA-11 test which is a 6" sched 80 tig stick test.

scroll down for the UA-11...

Tests are given by people and people are all different ...But most likely, You will probably be able to choose which technique you use for the root pass....a lay wire ...or dip technique.  Both work, but ask ahead of time if one is preferred over the other.

Do the one you are comfortable with but if you can do both equally well, its usually better to comply with the preference of the person administering the test.

ua-10 2 inch schedule 80 6g welding certification test part 2


Did you notice the forward and back technique for welding the root pass?

This technique works very well for pushing the root past flush.

The only real drawback is that it makes for a fairly thin root pass and care must be taken not to suck it back on the second pass.

Using a dip keyhole technique makes for a less uniform but heavier root pass that is less likely to get sucked back on the hot pass.

...and the hot pass on tig welding is kind of a misnomer.  Often times the hot pass is no hotter than the root pass.

So if 100 amps is used on a root pass, its not uncommon to leave the amperage alone until the second pass is done. Then you can more safely increase amps without worrying so much about melting thru the root and sucking it back below flush which is cause for failing your welding test.

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