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AHP Tig Welder, Walking the Cup, and Pulse Settings

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In this video, I am using a very affordable AHP Tig Welder to weld a bunch of parts on a turntable.

Whenever I get a bunch of round parts to weld, if possible, I use my positioner turntable. 

Welding Turntables are not cheap, but I got mine off eBay several years ago and have used it so much that it has paid for itself many times over.

Welding round parts on a turntable is much easier, its faster, and the welds usually look much better due to not having stops and starts.

One end of these parts was done walking the cup at about 180 amps, 

the other end was done using pulse settings of 1pps, 50% pulse time, and 50% background current...using around 170-180 amps

Both ends were done using only the torch mounted switch with no foot pedal connected. Once I got the amps dialed in, not having to fool with a foot pedal proved to be easy.

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