PrimeWeld 225x Videos

Knowing how to use all the settings on the primeweld 225x or any other tig welding machine is a key factor in getting the most out of a welding machine.

In my opinion, the primeweld 225 is one of the best choices in affordable tig welders.

The problem with most other really affordable tig welders is usually the foot pedal and the torch are just bad and clunky.

And of course bad customer support.

Primeweld went to extra expense to include genuine ck torches with superflex hoses along with a smooth SSC style foot pedal.

They also have a responsive primeweld equipment users group on facebook and also have demonstrated great customer support

Watch the videos and you will see what I mean.

Testing out the foot pedal on a primeweld 225x

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primeweld 2t4t thumb

Some of the most common settings to learn on any tig welder are...

2t 4t with upslope and downslope

pre flow and post flow

start current and end current

pulse settings like pulse frequency, background amps, and peak pulse

AC balance

AC frequency

and of course the main amperage setting and a feel for how much amperage is needed for any given job.


The best way to learn about all the settings on your tig welder is to watch a video and then to get some practice.

But here is a quick tip for you to simplify things.

Unless you are going to use the torch switch, all you need to know about 2t and 4t upslope and downslope is to turn them all to zero.

All you need to do is make sure the 2t 4t button is set to 2t.

The foot pedal takes the place of all these settings so the whole first row of buttons except for main amperage can be just set to zero with a foot pedal pedal plugged in.

Primeweld 225x 

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Learn more about this affordable tig welder with bonus kit at

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