PrimeWeld videos

PrimeWeld TIG 225 Videos

In my opinion, the primeweld 225 is one of the best choices in affordable tig welders.

The problem with most other really affordable tig welders is usually the foot pedal and the torch are just bad and clunky.

And of course bad customer support.

Primeweld went to extra expense to include genuine ck torches with superflex hoses along with a smooth SSC style foot pedal.

They also have a responsive primeweld equipment users group on facebook and also have demonstrated great customer support

Watch the videos and you will see what I mean.

Learn more about this affordable tig welder with bonus kit at

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

Fully adjustable Pulse settings, AC balance, AC frequency, 2t&4t upslope and  downslope are the main features to look for in any modern tig welder and the primeweld 225 has them all

tig kits banner 1

primeweld TIG325x videos

I like the digital readout feature on the primeweld tig 325x. It makes setting pulse rates easier.  

water cooled package shown below with ck 20 torch

primeweld 325 package with cooler

When I first stared my welding side hustle

I bought my first tig welding machine in the mid 1990's to start a side hustle in my garage.

I bought a brand new miller syncrowave 250 with a water cooled setup and that was around $2500 then.  It was a great machine but needed a 100amp breaker.

I started off doing some aluminum parts for an aviation repair station but I learned that doing welding jobs for small mom and pop machine shops paid as well or better than repairing aircraft parts so I focussed on getting more work from small machine shops who didn't have a dedicated welder.

Within a year, I had more work than I wanted.

All that to say that either of the welding machines on this page would have got me started just fine on that side hustle.  


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