Primeweld225 TIG Settings made Simple

I made this page and video to take the mystery out of all those knobs and settings on the primeweld225 tig welder.

There are a lot of knobs and settings on the primeweld225 but most of them can be set once and ignored when you use a foot pedal.

For example, the entire first row of knobs can be set to zero...except for the amperage control.

That alone makes things a lot simpler.

So here is the basic rundown on simple settings for DC TIG welding of steels.

  • Set the AC DC switch to DC
  • Set amperage to about 20-30% more than what you will actually need. (based on one amp per one thousandths of metal thickness)
  • With the foot pedal plugged in, make sure to set the 2t 4t switch to 2t.  
  • Set the TIG MMA switch to TIG.
  • Set Pulse switch to Off.
  • Set start current, upslope, downslope, and end current to zero.
  • Set pre flow to .5 seconds or so and post flow to 7-10 seconds

Simple settings for TIg welding aluminum with the primeweld225

  • Set polarity switch to AC.
  • Set AC balance to around 9 oclock position on dial
  • Set AC frequency to 100-120hz ( a good all around setting for most applications)

Thats it.  

Now you can focus on getting some practice time instead of trying to figure out all the TIg settings.


tig kits banner 1

The best TIg welding machine in the world will not get you the best results if you don't have the right cup for the job.

We have made this simple for you by bundling the Primeweld 225 with our TIG Pro kit.

The Weldmonger TIG Pro kit is like the swiss army knife of TIG cup kits with a cup for every situation.

And you can be 100% sure all the cups and hardware will work with the nice CK tig torch that comes with the PrimeWeld 225.

We also have options for smaller kits that will help you get much better results than you can get using the basic cups that come with the welder.

Learn more about this affordable tig welder with bonus kit at

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

The primeweld equipment user group on facebook is a great way to get a feel for what others are saying about their experience with primeweld products.

What is so great about Super Flex Torch Cables?


Swapping your TIG Torch cable out is Easy on a simple air cooled single hose torch


When it comes to air cooled TIG torches, the difference in the cables can be huge.

Some rubber cables are so stiff that they are difficult to work with....they actually pull on your wrist while you are trying to make precise movements turning a corner or rotating the torch while welding a coped tube joint.

Super flex cables feel like putting on loose fitting slippers after wearing tight dress shoes.

And att the end of a long day of TIG welding, you really notice a difference in how tired you are.

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