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Welding Machines and videos on how to weld with them

Here are a few of the welding machines I have used and also videos showing how to weld with them.

ck mt200 thumbnail video for home

The mt200 is a great lightweight tig welder with 5 amp start and "fan on demand" 

One of the most affordable and highest value TIG machines is the

PRIMEWELD TIG 225X with pulse

primeweld 2t4t thumb
primeweld 225 tig with stuff

the primeweld TIG 225x is not as quiet as the CK mt200 because the cooling fan runs when it's turned on.  But at less than $1000 even when bundled with one of our Stubby Gas Lens or Challenger kits...it's a great value.

And it comes with a CK TIG torch and really nice foot pedal.


primeweld mig 180 first video thumbnail frame yt

If you are interested in a mig welding machine, this little beast works great with either 115 volt or 230volt power.

I have put it thru a lot of testing plugged into a 20 amp 115volt circuit and it really surprised me on how much heat I could get on 115volt.

learn more about the MIG 180 at weldmonger.com

primeweld mig180
primeweld mig 180 stuff


375 amps with a simple control panel


I will be adding more and more welders to my store as I have the opportunity to test them and get feedback from other users.

A pro golfer like Tiger Woods can beat most folks with a bag of yard sale clubs.

But you will never see Tiger Woods play with yard sale clubs.

Because good golf clubs actually help.

It's kinda the same with welding machines.

I have been lucky enough to have welded with a lot of different brands of welders over the last 15 years.

So here are the handful of welders that I have used in videos and that I also decided to offer on my store at weldmonger.com.

I decided on these welders because of several factors.

First off, I have to like a welder before I will list it on my store.

I also weigh in a what customers ask for, affordability, and customer support from the brand.

There are some brands I won't sell because I got too many emails about bad support from the company. No one needs that.

I won't sell a brand that doesn't have great customer support.

The legacy brands like Miller and Lincoln won't let someone like me to sell there stuff. I have tried.

So then I am left to either turn folks away, or offer some great alternatives that are much more affordable anyway.

Both CK worldwide and Primeweld have proven themselves in the area of customer support by quickly taking care of the few problems that happen.

Any Brand of welder can have an issue.  But if the company gets it fixed quickly, that means everything.

My first TIG welding machine was a brand new miller syncrowave 250.

A great machine too.

...but it quit working after a week and I really needed to get back welding on my customers parts. Sure, I got it fixed after about another week,  but the point is that even miller welding machines mess up every now and then.

I love miller welding machines but let's face it, not everyone has the funds.

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