Tig Welding Video - tig welding motor mounts

In this Tig Welding Video, A Welderseries company aftermarket auto parts guy shows how to fit up and weld their motor mount kit for small block Chevy engines.


The mount kit is made from heavy wall tubing and plate steel that is pre drilled like a stock mount.

The mounts accept urethane bushings and are popular for the hot rod crowd. Small block v8 Chevy engines are very popular in the hotrod crowd and people install them in all kinds of vehicles like Jeep Wranglers, Small Chevy S10 trucks, and anything else they want to go really fast.

This guy is one fast welder/fabricator . In a 6 minute welding video, he fixtures, tack welds and finishes all the welding on this mount. Even the inside of the tubing that is hard to access gets welded in the 5 minutes. (with a bit of help from editing but not much)

There are a few things I want to point out in this tig welding video:

1. This welder uses a small #4 or 5 tig cup. Honesty, if you are paying for your own argon, this is not a bad idea. A #5 tig cup is 5/16” on the inside diameter. This small diameter only requires about 10 cfh of flow from the flowmeter and that saves a lot of gas. I use owners model cylinders at my shop and they are 125 cubic feet bottles. If we do the math, at 10 cfh, I can weld for 12.5 hours solid. That’s a lot of welding for about 20 bucks.

If I use a #7 or 8 cup, I night need as much as 20 cfh. That’s twice as much gas or half as much welding I can do with a bottle of argon.

2. Tack welds are done without using filler metal. If whatever you are welding has a good enough fit, then filler metal is not usually necessary for tack welding. On steel that is.

Aluminum is a whole different game and you can rarely get by without using filler rod to tack weld aluminum. The welder does not use filler rod and I suspect it is mainly so he can position the parts and hold them with one hand, and tack weld with the other.

This saves time and I am sure his intention in this tig welding video is to show you how quick and easy it is to assemble and weld the parts sold by his company.

3. Notice also that the welder is wearing an auto darkening helmet. This one thing will help you to work faster. Notice that he does not lift his helmet when he repositions the part. Whether tacking or welding, he just quickly moves the part to where the weld area is accessible and keeps welding. This also keeps the fumes out of your nose.

4. Even though there is some minor film editing, the entire welding time he spends fitting, tacking, and welding this motor mount is 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Bro, You’re hired.

Welderseries Guy sent me some photos of their welds...check them out and tell me what you think.

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