Welding Video Review of WEC welding school and Carolina Energy Solutions Welding Program

" Free Tuition for Welding School? Thats what I said. "

" Shut up and weld "

This Welding Video is about WEC welding institute.

WEC welding institute in Rock Hill South Carolina has just raised the bar for welding schools across America.

They have just drastically reduced the tuition to a very affordable fee.

Now absolutely anyone can afford this tuition and they have completely removed the excuse of not being able to afford learning a skilled trade.

Just how much will you be saving? Well if you compare the tuition of schools like Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, or Tulsa Welding school, You could safely estimate that tuition costs for completing a journeyman welder program are around $16,000- $18,000.

So what is WEC charging now that they have reduced their tuition? How about FREE? Zip!, Nada! Now that's what I call a Fire Sale!

So whats the catch? Well here it is right up front... you have to agree to work 2000 hours for $18 an hour after you graduate. After that you can negotiate a better scale.

That's it!

This is the biggest no-brainer since the beginning of no-brainers.

There is a shortage of welders in America today. Wages are on the rise and power plants are being built.

WEC welding school has 74 booths with new Lincoln welding equipment and is run more like a boot camp than a day camp. Watch this Welding video, the students are working.

They actually expect you to work hard. Imagine that.

They also randomly drug test and your ass is gone if you fail.. Why? Because that's the way it is in the Real World.

So listen here, Skippy... If you think they are going to let you enroll and then sick out with a little sniffle or cough, or if you think you can smoke some weed in the parking lot during lunch, just keep your little sorry ass at home. This school is not for you.

This opportunity is for boys who want to become men.

Its for young women who want to support themselves,

Its for young men and women who want more out of life than working for some douchebag manager at a minimum wage job.

Just do it. if you dare.

WEC is opening other campuses soon. just google WEC welding school locations to learn where

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