Welding Video....The Worlds Smallest Welder...Are you freakin kidding me? Don’t try this at home….sweet mother of crap!!

This invention is being touted as the worlds smallest welder. Supposedly it was invented by a Filipino man.

I wont even call it a welder because It seems more like a death trap to me.

OMG! Does this look like a good idea to anyone out there.? Anyone?? Seriously ,.Anyone?

In Demonstrating this "worlds smallest welder", you see crazy acts like Dunking high voltage wires in a bucket of water,,.welding without a helmet. I have even seen some videos of this "worlds smallest welder" invention where the folks demonstrating it were welding in shorts and sandals and using a piece of cardboard for a welding shield.

This one thing is for certain..These videos makes me thankful to live in America. I don’t know anyone here that is desperate enough to try this kind of stuff just to make some money. Sticking high voltage wires in a bucket of water,,.welding without a helmet.. climbing a ladder and tapping into main line voltage... All risky crazy stuff.

It is easy to poke fun at the people in these videos but if you think for just a minute, there is a good reason why these people are not wearing protective clothing and personal protective gear like a welding shield.

It is because they don’t have anything.

No one would do all these crazy dangerous things if they didn’t have to. (except maybe for Stevo on Jackass)

So lets not make fun or criticize, lets be thankful for what we have and pray for those that have less. And lets help them out along the way when we can.

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