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Aluminum TIG Welder that is affordable and good

3 questions I get asked a lot are:

  1. What is a good affordable Aluminum TIG Welder?
  2. What is the best aluminum tig welder for the money?
  3. Which AC/DC TIG welder should I buy?

Aluminum TIG welder video #1
2t and 4t settings explained usng a torch switch and foot pedal

primeweld 2t4t thumb

I first learned about the primeweld Tig225x on 6061 youtube channel.

That guy is a very talented welder and he did a review where he gave it some high marks.

So when PrimeWeld ordered some TIG fingers from me, I asked them to send over a demo unit for me to try out.  These are the videos I shot with that unit and more are on the way to make sure each setting is explained.

The video below explains and demonstrates what the AC balance setting does on aluminum and what happens when you have too much cleaning or not enough

Video #2 AC balance settings simplified. simple explanation and demo.


Video #3 How to use AC frequency to your advantage

The video below shows a simple example of using AC frequency settings 


video #4 Foot pedal pulsing on a 1/8" thick aluminum lap

Brad Goodman aka @deepsouthdimestacker shows how he welds aluminum lap joints using the pedal pumping method.

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Pretty much all aluminum tig welders do a fine job on DC for welding steels.

It is AC where they seem to differ so that is why all these videos are focussing on the AC show that this welder is a great value and welds aluminum really well.

Learn more about this affordable tig welder with bonus kit at

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

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