What are TIG Inverters?

What Exactly are TIG inverters?

There are complicated explanations of how a TIG inverter is able to convert raw AC power into smooth welding current but essentially,  a TIG inverter is a smaller and higher tech version of an older Transformer style Tig welding machine. TIG inverters are lightweight and portable.

ck mt200 thumbnail video for home

Here is a video where my friend Brad Goodman uses the PrimeWeld TIG225X TIg inverter to weld an aluminum lap joint using the pedal pump technique.


Learn more about this affordable tig welder with bonus kit at weldmonger.com

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

A short story about my first TIG inverter

When I was learning to tig weld, tig welding machines weighed 800 lbs and were almost as big as a refrigerator.

TIG inverters came along and totally changed the game.

A 225 amp tig welding machine that weighs around 50 lbs can cost less than $1000 and can be delivered right to your door? 

And with all the videos that I have available here on weldingtipsandtricks.com and also on welderskills.com

You can learn to tig weld in your own shop or garage.

I bought my first tig welding machine in the early 1990s to start my side hustle welding business.

It was a miller syncrowave 250 and it was a great machine,  but not portable at all.

And it needed a 100 amp breaker for welding aluminum thicker than 1/8” thick.

When I moved my welding shop from an industrial building back to my garage I  didn’t have a 100 amp circuit.

Right about that time was when TIG inverters that could weld both AC and DC became available. The only 2 choices I knew about back then were the Lincoln Invertec v205t and the Miller Dynasty 200.

So I sold the syncrowave 250 and bought a Miller Dynasty 200dx and mounted it on the wall of my garage welding area to save floor space.

That worked out really well for me for a few years and I made a lot of money with that Dynasty 200.

The latest version of the Miller Dynasty 200 is now called a dynasty 210 and at the time of this writing (June 2023) is currently over $6,000 for the machine alone without torch or foot pedal.

Well guess what?  All the jobs I ever did during  my side hustle days using that miller dynasty 200 could be done using a primeweld TIG225 for around $900 or a CK Mt200 at $1995.

Miller makes great tig welding machines and I still own a Dynasty 280.

All I am saying is there are now other options for folks wanting to get into tig welding for way less


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