Welding Video - How to feed tig wire

Welding video of Feeding tig wire with special knitted glove.

Maybe a good idea? I am not too sure. Those fingers get kind of toasty when you weld aluminum at 250 amps. A good pair of tig gloves that are soft and almost arouse you when you put them on is what you need to feed the tig wire. Then it just takes practice.

One way to feed tig wire is to get a piece and practice while watching TV.

This person is using a knitting needle. For a minute I thought this was kind of sexy? And then I thought to myself "this is a dudes hand", Now I feel like I need a shower.

I feed wire with my 2 middle fingers because when you are welding for money, and who isn’t?, You try to weld pretty fast. The torch hand has no problem keeping up, its always the wire feed hand that is the speed bump. Feeding with my index finger and middle finger while pinching the wire in between my thumb and hand, lets me feed the wire really fast with about 2 dabs per second,

I did a project for about 2 years that involved welding long circumferential welds on ¼” thick aluminum with 1/8” filler rod on a turntable. I must have been welding about a foot a minute...Let me tell you, I got really fast.

I am sure that somewhere in China, a 14 year old girl is better and faster than me, but I was working by the hour and my customer definitely got his moneys worth.

I got to be better and faster at feeding tig wire and he got a lot of parts welded. I should have bought a hand held wire feeder unit, but like I said,,,,,

I was working by the hour.
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