Arc Welding Video - Steve Bleile really hit a Homer

Great Welding DVDs from Steve Bleile

A Review of This Welding Video

As I mentioned on a previous page, I bought this video as well as a few others that were made by Steve Bleile a seasoned welder.

After watching it a few times, I am blown away that you can get a welding dvd like this for 25 bucks. Seriously, 25 bucks wont buy much these days.

This DVD should be included with every stick welding machine sold.

After a brief Introduction, Steve gets moving pretty quick. He jumps right to:


*Welding rods

*Stick Arc Fundamentals




Steve Bleile explains rod types, polarity, lead and stinger sizes for the job, lens shade, he even breaks down what all the numbers mean on a stick rod and explains differences in rods and what different rods are used for.

Which rods penetrate deeper, which rods make better looking beads, which rods weld downhill, etc.

Steve explains electrode manipulation for all kinds of different rods along with

The effects of rod angle,

Whip and pause technique

Basic principles for stick welding that apply to all rods… no matter what rod you are using

Filling gaps

Differences and applications of downhill vs uphill welding

Overhead welding tips

What I liked….

This DVD costs only 25 dollars and is comparable to others that cost over 500.

I can honestly say I wish this video was around when I was learning to weld. It would have made me better quicker.

When you are in welding school and there is only one instructor for every 30 or so students, he is spread pretty thin and you might only get 1 demonstration a day from the instructor. This DVD will help anyone that is attending welding school to progress faster and to retain information better.

Sound welding fundamentals and excellent tips presented in a down and dirty fast paced format.

What I did not like….

Many of the arc shots are framed in such a way that they appear to be going downhill even though I am sure they are not. The viewer could walk away thinking that certain rods are ok to weld downhill ..

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