Mig welding video using the backstep technique

Mig welding using a cool little technique.

This short video illustrates a cool welding technique. Can you see what the welder is doing? He just hitches the puddle forward a little bit and then backs up a little pausing for a second. 2 steps forward 1 step back.

Straight forward about 1/4" and then back about 1/8". This keeps the arc at the front of the puddle on the forward motion and then brings it into the hot part of the puddle to build up metal. What I like about this method is that it makes evenly spaced ripples.

Not that ripples mean anything but people have come to think that evenly spaced ripples in a weld means the weld is good.

The arc actually sounds like it is a little low on wire feed speed but one thing is certain....Results are very hard to argue with. The finished weld is very uniform and shows absolutely no spatter.

Usually you will see some spatter near a weld that is done without near perfect settings. This weld has none. It is a spatter free weld.

Another thing I like is that this weld is done using the backstep method. That means short welds are made in one direction and then the welder backs up and makes another short weld that ties into the previous one.

So the direction of welding travel is in one direction but the overall welding progression is in the opposite direction. This helps to keep distortion under control.

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