Pipe Line welders are a different breed

Hard, Honest work. nothing wrong with that.

He used to be a pretty nice feller...

but now, he's a welder.

Awesome lyrics.

Pipeline welds like the one in this welding video are usually welded downhill all the way out. Root, fill passes, and cover passes all welded downhill.

I used to work with a pipeline welder who talked about welding 20 pipe joints a day...and and he was talking about 24" diameter pipes. Even with 2 guys tag teaming, that is still at least 2- 24" joints an hour.

Man, Please!

Recently, I was on the local 798 pipe-liners website and saw the guy . He is now a business agent in the pipeliners union.

How about that? Well, He did have the gift of gab.

That's a nice way of saying he was a BullSh_t artist.

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