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OK Here's how this Welding Blog works: All the latest posts on welding tips and also the latest welding videos get posted here. , that means I will be making several new posts every day.

WeldingTipsandTricks YouTube videos

WeldingTipsandTricks YouTube Celebrates 500,000 subscribers

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Stick Welding Overhead with 7018

Video shows the 3 Biggest mistakes for Stick Welding overhead with 7018

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7014 Welding Mulitpass Tee joint

Video shows 7014 Welding on a multi pass tee joint with ARC shots galore

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Stick Welding with 6013

Video shows How Not to Weld and also Tips for stick welding with 6013

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Welding 16ga Stainless

Video shows details of Welding 16ga Stainless butt joint using argon backing gas

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Welding Stainless Lap Joints

Video shows Detailed Arc Shots of TIG Welding Stainless Steel Lap Joints 16ga (1.6mm)

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Backstep Technique for TIg Welding

Video shows details of the Backstep Technique for Tig welding

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Fabricating a Gate with JD Brewer

Video of JD Brewer showing tips and tools for fabricating a gate

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Padding Beads with 6013 and 7018 electrodes

Video shows the Benefits of Padding beads to improve welding skills. Arc shots, Welding tips and techniques

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Edge Welds and Edge Joints Tig Welded on Aluminum, SS, and Carbon

Video shows Tig Welding Edge Welds with detailed arc shots - Aluminum, Stainless, Carbon Steel from .125"(3.2mm) down to .050" (1.2mm) thickness

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Tig Welding Custom Tools

Quick Video shows Tig Welding Custom Tools

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Thor Hammer Mjölnir Deadblow

Video shows Thor Hammer build Mjölnir style Deadblow

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Cut Polish Etch Testing some Mig Welds

Video shows a technique for a cut polish and etch test for testing welds

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Do the Aluminum Drill for good Tig Welding Practice

Video shows padding peads in different directions doing the "Aluminum Drill"

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Tig Brazing a Steel Cube

Video about tig brazing a steel cube with silicon bronze filler metal

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TIG Welding a Steel Cube

Video shows tig welding techniques for a steel cube

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Mig Welding Outside Corner Joints

Video shows technique for mig welding outside corner joints uphill

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TIG Welding Tips - How to Walk the Cup

Video shows Tips for How to Walk the cup - cup size matters

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Fabtech 2017

Fabtech 2017

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TIG Welding Restarts

Video Shows method for making smooth TIG welding restarts

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6011 Rods for Downhill and uphill welding

Video shows test results for 6011 rods Welding Downhill

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Tig Welding Square Tubing

Video shows tips for Tig welding square tubing

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Slide Hammer Tool for removing Weld Spatter

Video on how to make a slide hammer tool for removing weld spatter

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Underwater Welding Misconceptions cleared up

People think that underwater welding is all wet... Its not... Watch this

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Furick Ceramic 12 TIG cup

Video shows a furick Ceramic 12 Tig cup in action on carbon steel at 170 amps

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Mig Welding, Stick, Flux Core, Lift arc TIG with a Power MIG 210mp

Video shows Mig, Stick, and flux core welding with the Lincoln power mig 210mp

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Tig Welding Lap Joints using a #8 Furick cup

Video about TIG Welding Lap Joints using a #8 Furick cup

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Dual Shield Flux Core 60 ft Metal Rack

Video shows 60ft metal rack build and welding with Dual shield Flux core

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Stick Welding with 6013 Rods

Video on Stick Welding Lap joints with 6013

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Aluminum Tote Tray Project

Video shows TIG Welding Aluminum Tote Tray project

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Overhead Welding with 7018 and Dual Shield Flux Core

Video shows arc shots of Overhead Welding 7018 and Dual Shield Flux Core

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Razor Blade Challenge tips

Video Shows Tips for the Tig Welding Thin Metal and the Razor Blade Challenge

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Hand Grinders, Grinding Wheels, and Adapters

Video Compares Several different hand grinders and adapters

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Stick Welding Aluminum

Stick Welding Aluminum and a Little known Trick

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Walking the Cup TIG Welding Technique

Videos show Walking the cup on pipe and on Flat plate

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AC Frequency for TIG Welding Aluminumg

Video Compares Penetration using 50hz to 250hz AC frequency settings

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Portable Welding

Video shows a portable welding job using a lincoln Ranger with 7018

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Stainless Steel Welding Tips part 2

Video shows Stainless Steel Welding tips - pulse tig settings and purging

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TIG Welding Techniques for Tee joints

Video compares Tig Welding techniques pulse vs no pulse and pumping pedal too

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Welding Aluminum Awning at Apex

Video of an Aluminum Welding Project and some PlasmaCam work on an Awning

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Aluminum Awning Project

Video Shows Completion of the Aluminum Awning Project with JD Brewer

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Welding Aluminum with Mig vs TIG

Video Compares MIG and TIG for Welding Aluminum

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7018 Rods

Video shows differences between 7018 rods

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Using Hastelloy W to Tig Weld small 4140 parts to Sockets

Video shows tig welding small 4140 parts to 1/4" drive snap on sockets using hastelloy W rod

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Short Circuit Mig Welding Techniques

Video shows short circuit mig welding techniques like push vs pull, vertical, and overhead

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Mig Welding Pipe Roots

Video shows Mig welding pipe roots using a Lincoln Power Mig 210mp

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